The project was completed on time and within budget, most importantly G Creek provided the work contracted without change orders or requesting additional on-site meetings for the owner and designer for direction. Mr. Haralson and his personnel met and exceeded all expectations for the project.

Construction Services

Our diverse background of general contracting experience provides us with the skills and knowledge to be proactive contributors throughout the building planning process. We assist in uncovering challenges that later, during construction, could potentially be stumbling blocks.


G. Creek Construction represents the Owner’s best interest by applying our construction knowledge and expertise in the early stages of the construction process. We provide information and recommendations that maintain the Owner’s budget, schedule, and Architectural design intent. We have proven procedures for estimating, value engineering, scheduling, constructability review and bidding.

A thoughtful preconstruction process will save time and money because it will uncover potential setbacks in schedule and con-structability conflicts before construction even begins. Realizing project issues early allows our team ample time to redirect work, find a fresh source of materials or revaluate construction logistics. All of our estimators have extensive field experience, allowing them to see problems before they become locked into the construction drawings.

Design / Build

The Design/Build process allows for the entire team (Owner, Architect, Contractor) to collaboratively develop a program and design, with the ultimate responsibility of project delivery falling on the General Contractor. This process assures time and money savings, creates a “win win” partnership environment, and reduces risks during construction.

These benefits, as well as reduced owner's liability for design, and continuous analyses of constructability, budget and schedule, make design/build an ideal method for many projects. G. Creek is adept at helping the owner select the right Architect or Engineer for the job, one that is best suited for the size, industry, and scope of the project.

General Contracting

First and foremost, we are a builder, a 3rd generation Austin builder. New ideas and the ability to remain fast and flexible in this traditional construction process allow G. Creek to remain competitive. We provide an exceptional value for our client by utilizing our experience and being willing to use new and pioneering methods.

The traditional approach involves a truly competitive mindset. We feel that educated cost estimating requires experts dedicated to the trade, so G. Creek retains a highly experienced estimating department who act as project managers. By acting as Project Managers on the projects they bid, the Estimators stay up to date on field issues and maintain close relationships with the subcontractors. Our field personnel have tremendous depth and knowledge in delivering projects on time and on budget. G. Creek maintains multiple crews for self performing work to help give us a competitive advantage in some of the more difficult and messy remodel projects.

Construction Management

G. Creek’s approach to Construction Management includes proactive involvement during the preconstruction phase and diligent coordination during the construction phase. G. Creek brings value with its partnership attitude, extensive preconstruction experience, experienced staff, and consistent principal involvement.

During preconstruction, our role is to represent the Owner’s best interest by applying our construction knowledge and expertise to the process and providing information and recommendations that maintain the cost, schedule and quality parameters established for the project. G. Creek’s construction professionals also review building systems, material selections, and equipment to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Our open book policy and continuous communication during preconstruction and construction keeps you apprised of construction and budget progress. Decisions are made as a team and our partnership ethic ensures that achieving your success is how we define success for G. Creek.

Concrete and Carpentry

G. Creek maintains the ability to self perform concrete, drywall, carpentry, and other trades. We do use subcontractors, but we like to have the ability to complete or assist our subcontractor's work if necessary to maintain the schedule. We have completed million dollar plus concrete projects, completely in-house. We routinely do maintenance and repair work for Owners on building interior and exteriors. Our equipment fleet and manpower allow us to competitively price different aspects of work and provide great flexibility.

Property Management Services

G. Creek Construction has in-house crews capable of handling all of your property management needs, from moving furniture, to changing filters, replacing carpet, patching walls, moving doors, and more.

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