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Travisso Entry Monument

  • Travisso entry across highway

  • Monument tower, signage, and trellis

  • Tower from entrance street

  • Tower, walls and landscaping

  • Tower and trellis under construction

  • Side view of tower


New neighborhood entry monument tower, signage, and trellis. Includes masonry walls, lights, rough hewn cedar trellis, tile roof, steel framed windows, landscaping and irrigation.

  • General Contractor: G. Creek Construction
  • Project Manager: Matt Haralson
  • Superintendent: Miguel Pineda
  • Owners Rep: Heath Melton
  • Owner: Travisso LLC., Taylor Morrison Homes
  • Architect:
    RVI Landscape Arch
  • Completion Date: 8/1/14
  • Contract Amount: $230,000

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