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Gabrdine Amenity Center

  • Front View of Building

  • Fireplace Patio

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Conference Room

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Pool and Deck

  • Pool and Entry

  • Pool and Rear Trellis


New pool amenity center with bathrooms, fireplace patio, conference room, outdoor cooking area, cedar trellis, pool, landscaping and hardscapes, and mail kiosk. Includes exposed cedar trusses and cedar trellis, wood framing, stucco and rock, MEP, stained concrete and tile flooring, accent site lighting, outdoor chess board, concrete countertops, ramps, etc.

  • General Contractor: G. Creek Construction
  • Project Manager: Matt Haralson
  • Superintendent/Assistant PM: Leo Cardenas
  • Owners Rep: Myra Goepp
  • Owner: Gabardine Amenity Center
  • Architect:
    Kipp Flores
  • Completion Date: 5/1/15
  • Contract Amount: $454,000

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