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National Seafood Restaurant

  • Exterior patio bar and entrance

  • Main Bar with granite top, pressed tin ceilings, terrazzo floors and Mahogany trim

  • Front view

  • Dining room

  • Outdoor patio and fountain

  • Hostess stand and dining area

  • Men's bathroom

  • Inside dining


New Ground up 15,000 sf restaurant and associated parking lot. Includes, concrete, steel, wood framing, metal/torch/glass roofing, brick/stucco/wood veneers, mosaic tile, terrazzo, granite, pressed ceilings, drwyall, full commercial kitchen and more.

  • General Contractor: G. Creek Construction
  • Project Manager: John Haralson
  • Superintendent: Miguel Pineda
  • Owner: Pappas Restaurants Inc.
  • Architect:
    Pappas In-House Architects
  • Completion Date: 12/6/16
  • Size in Sq. ft.: 15,000 sf
  • Contract Amount: $5,300,000

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